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The Hottest Leggings, Changing Fitness Clothes

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If the leggings are the new jeans, then casual items are also used as the target, and workout tops are not as good as sweaters.
Not just a picture book for women in the fitness circle, the Women's Leggings have become a new match for casual wear.

Since 2019, women's leggings have further entered the wardrobe of non-fitness people from the airport of celebrities. Large-scale marketing and price advantages have made yoga pants successfully break the circle and sink. There are even "shark pants, Barbie pants, and sweatpants" products. The price is only a fraction of the big-name yoga pants. For example, Pinduoduo's single-digit yoga pants with sales of more than 100,000 are in double digits.

But in contrast, the brand's wider range of fitness clothes has not yet produced the next popular item like women's leggings.

Taking sales as an example, in the official flagship stores of lululemon, Nike and Puma, the sales of Top 1 women's leggings are twice that of tops of the same category. Among the top 10 products of some domestic sports brands, there are 8 fitness pants products, only 1 fitness tights, and the sales of Top1 fitness pants are 6 times that of fitness clothes.

Hottest Leggings, Changing Fitness Clothes All the Time.

Leggings for women -

If women's leggings are the new jeans, then casual items are also used as the target, and fitness clothes are not as good as sweaters.

From the current point of view, many fitness clothes are still more focused on functionality than comfort as a versatile item.

Referring to China and foreign workout clothinng brands, slim vest/short-sleeved/long-sleeved/jacket has become the mainstream fitness clothing style, and foreign versions are mostly short navel-baring, hollow-back, wrap-fit or sleeveless designs, which are convenient for the wearer to observe and train. Movement, quick perspiration.

Correspondingly, the high requirements for female consumers' figure have also become a threshold for fitness clothes to break the circle. The tight-fitting, exposed-waist design not only highlights the curves of the figure, but also makes the lack of the figure at a glance.

On the other hand, the absence of brand marketing has also become a factor that fitness clothes have not yet come out of the circle. Compared with the legendary promotion of yoga leggings such as "hip lift, slim belly, and leg-slimming" on various platforms, the description of fitness clothes "slim long, spliced, and warm" is slightly dull, lacking the desire for impulsive consumption.
But even so, the "comfortable and versatile" that more people began to pursue has begun to bring new opportunities for fitness clothes to break the circle.
From Athleisure to Body Positivity, under the consumption trend of healthy lifestyle, it is believed that new hot items will appear in the field of fitness apparel soon.
The popular of Leggings is largely due to the three American Internet celebrities "supermodels" Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bella.

With their own media traffic and the need for a model's body to work, wearing fitness clothes in and out of the gym has become part of their OOTD (everyday wear), which has attracted the attention of the whole network.

In China, women's leggings have frequently appeared in airports for stars such as Yang Mi, Liu Wen, and Guan Xiaotong, which triggered a fashion craze. With the characteristics of comfort and versatility, it is no longer limited to functional occasions such as gyms and yoga studios. It is more like a substitute for tights and can quickly get out of the circle.

However, as the women's leggings that frequently go abroad in star street photography, the price is not beautiful. The prices of the three brands of yoga leggings from lululemon, Alo yoga and Sweaty Betty are all ranging from 650 to 1250 yuan. The price that is not close to the people has not stopped the surge in demand for yoga pants. There are also yoga pants from various foundries on Taobao, and the price is even a fraction of the original.

The categories of women's leggings are also differentiated. Zhang Dayi proposed shark pants for the first time, and Loli also wears hot sweat pants. Other Barbie pants, peach pants and other wear categories similar to yoga pants, but better in "functional" marketing and The blessing of price pushes yoga pants to sink.

A pair of stockings, a pair of platform shoes, a pair of legggings for a year. Yoga leggings have become another versatile item to replace leggings, and even TIKTOK Internet celebrity Hu Chuliang showed 20 different outfits in the video of carrying leggings.

Women's Leggings
A pair of fitness pants can be salty or sweet--a sports bra, a sports T-Shirt, or a suit, sweater, or down jacket on the outside. However, it is difficult for fitness clothes to appear as a product that can become a universal item.

Fitness clothing is similar to fitness pants. It is a slim or tight fitness clothing with a certain sense of support and restraint. While training in fitness clothes, you can sweat and show your body in time, and you can also observe whether the training movements are in place.

Referring to domestic and foreign fitness apparel brands, women's fitness tops can be divided into slim-fitting vests/short-sleeves/long-sleeves/jackets. However, in the domestic fitness clothing market, consumer preferences are different. In the head fitness clothing brand Taobao store, the best-selling fitness clothing has the characteristics of tight-fitting, long-sleeved, and warm.

Fitness clothing brand - Gymshark's women's fitness tops belong to hard-core players. The fitness tops have the characteristics of tight-fitting "autumn clothes". Gymsharak Seamless series, the length of the waist, the appropriate thickness and the tight wrapping feeling, have become a must-have item for girls who lift iron. Lululemon's define is a classic for fitness tops, which brings a slimming effect to the outerwear.
At present, the fitness wear of female fitness groups is also more diversified. Short vests for ironing, short sleeves for dancing, and vests for boxing. There are various combinations of fitness clothes, but legging is always the same. Change.
Both are fitness clothing, why is it difficult for fitness clothing to replicate the success of leggings?

Leggings = New Jeans, Fitness Clothes ≠ Simple Sweater.

When womens leggings have become the jeans of the new era, fitness clothes cannot replace white T as a single product in the new era.

Tight fitness wear are difficult to get out of the circle, and the fundamental reason is that functionality is far greater than comfort and versatility.

At present, women's workout clothes on the Chinese market are still characterized by "skin-friendly, breathable perspiration, and optimized proportions", and are aimed at Gym people. The tight-fitting and slim-fitting version is conducive to observing the movement situation, the breathable perspiration provides dryness after high-intensity exercise, and the short waistless design can highlight the proportion of the body and appreciate the fitness results.

The function is outstanding, but it cannot make up for the lack of comfort and versatility. The comprehensive ability of fitness clothes cannot make it a versatile item in the wardrobe. The inner layer is inferior to thermal underwear, and the outer layer is not as good as a sweater. It is stylish but too cool to wear alone, and the comfort and flexibility are not on the same level as "yoga pants".

The tight-fitting and short design of the existing fitness clothes improves the body requirements of the consumer groups. Showing your back, showing your waist and showing your arms is undoubtedly a plus point for those with a good figure and traces of training, and it becomes a better form of body display. But the design of fitness clothes also highlights the pain points of body anxiety - small belly, rich bag and goodbye meat.
The traditional concept of "warming the stomach more to keep warm" has always been a big challenge to fitness clothes. The manufacturers of yoga leggings that have sunk have also deeply understood this user demand. On the basis of the original "leggings", they have launched various warm styles such as fleece, ultra-thick fleece, and ultra-high waist.
However, it is still difficult for fitness clothes to keep warm in the functional requirements of breathability and perspiration. At the same time, Gymshark, a fitness coach, once complained about Gymshark's "autumn-like design, and the stomach is still leaking." Off course, major brands have also noticed this demand and launched long, warm fitness clothes, which also increases the possibility of replacing fitness clothes and autumn clothes.

On the other hand, from the earliest KFC sisters to domestic stars and models wearing airports, the fashion circle has driven the upsurge of leggings, and brand marketing has contributed to the sinking of leggings.

The high demand for women's leggings has triggered a response from suppliers of affordable leggings. womens leggings such as sweatpants, peach pants, and suspension pants have emerged one after another. Different product marketing focuses on different products. Blood sweat pants emphasize "continuous sweating and fat burning", peach pants emphasize "full buttocks", and the suspension library has the function of "abdomen and buttocks". 
Workout tops for women -

Sheveve noticed that whether it is Taobao, Pinduoduo, or Xiaohongshu, the keywords for the delivery of yoga pants "hip lift, stovepipe, thin waist, sweating", these tend to be functional introductions plus exaggerated upper body The comparison before and after the effect is in the middle of female consumers' yearning for the ideal body.

The description of fitness clothes "fresh, deodorant, yarn-stitched, square collar" tends to describe the product material, color, and design, which reduces impulsive consumption and weakens the possibility of fitness clothes out of the circle.

Practical, comfortable and versatile, the future of fitness clothes.

The breaking of fitness clothes requires not only a comfortable wearing experience, but also a pursuit of a comfortable lifestyle and body attitude.
Practical, comfortable and versatile have become the biggest features of Athleisure, and they are also the most popular elements at the moment. This also reasonably explains why lululemon align yoga leggings replaced suit pants, and allbirds wool shoes have become the new "boots" for white-collar workers.
The body also needs comfort. Although some studies have shown that training in fitness clothes can significantly improve the self-confidence of bodybuilders, it is the first step to break the circle whether to break the body anxiety and have the confidence to wear fitness clothes.
The fashion industry's promotion of Body Positivity has long started. From Sports Illustrated in 2016 to Vogue UK in 2018, more and more body diversity has appeared on the covers of top magazines.
The current environment is also giving more tolerance to body diversity to offset the negative impact of Bodyshaming on self-confidence, and Body Positivity has emerged.
Supermodel is no longer the only choice for Victoria's Secret, and Yang Tianzhen's success and self-confidence are enough to become a Victoria's Secret ambassador. Fitness apparel brands such as lululemon and Gymshark are no longer all models of standard bodybuilding, but also new groups such as plus-size models and disabled models.
But after witnessing the Internet's reaction to Adele's weight loss, we have to admit that the comfortable environment for attitude towards body is not as simple as it seems.
Maybe fitness clothes are out of the circle, what is needed is not a legendary item, but a comfortable and inclusive environment for lifestyle and body attitude.