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Why are Lululemon Leggings so popular ?

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As we know that, Lululemon company do not have themself factory till now. And the all lululemon leggings are produced from Chinese OEM factory. But, the lululemon is the most expensive and famous women's leggings brand on the all over the world.

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Lululemon, it was successfully listed in the market less than 10 years after its debut. Only 24 years after its establishment, it overtook Adidas in a corner, with a market value of about 37.4 billion US dollars, becoming the second largest sportswear brand after Nike.
Without setting up a media department, without advertising, and without celebrity endorsements, how did the lululemon brand achieve this?
1) lululemon,
"Middle-class" standard workout brand?

In 1998, a style called "Athleisure" quietly became popular, combining sports and casual styles.

With people's investment in sports and the rise of scientific sports concepts, sports have begun to integrate into people's lives and become a way of life.

When sports have gradually become an important part of people's lives and Athleisure is becoming more and more popular, yoga clothes are still in the stage of cotton and polyester blended fabrics. Not only is the design of clothing poor, but also sweating is a problem.

Founder Chip Wilson is keenly aware of the changes in the market and the potential needs of yoga trainers.
He set his sights on the women's yoga clothes market, and his precise insight into the market opened the first step of lululemon's success.
Initially, Chip Wilson was very user-friendly when designing yoga clothes. For example, the tight vest was elongated so that it could cover part of the buttocks when worn with yoga pants, which improved the defects of sportswear on the market.

Later, in order to increase the fashion sense and practicality of yoga clothes, unique designs such as "secret pocket", "night flash" and "reversible wear" were added.

In addition, in order to ensure that the sleeves do not move up during exercise, all long-sleeved workout clothes are designed with thumb holes.
The lululemon brand is summed up as a "functional fashion brand". The humanized product design and function, which are integrated with fashion, quickly captured the hearts of many women.
On Instagram, there are more than 3 million+ posts under the lululemon leggings tag. From GIGI, Kenner to Yang Mi, they are all wild spokespersons of lululemon.

In 2016, lululemon entered the Chinese market.
In just 20 years, lululemon has become another Canadian brand that has made the middle class crazy after the "big goose".
On Xiaohongshu, search for "lululemon leggings" related notes, there are nearly 310,000 notes.

The yoga pants with an average price of RMB 850 did not discourage Chinese consumers, but helped it lock in the customer base.

Compared with ultra-high-end clothing, the price of lululemon leggings is relatively low, and lululemon has seized this middle market. The competition for consumption upgrades is essentially a competition in the mid-end market.

The data shows that lululemon's customers are usually between 24-36 years old and have a high level of education. These girls who pursue quality and have a positive attitude towards life are called "super girls".

Super girls like to keep up with trends, which is one of the reasons why they choose lululemon.
More fashionable than Under Armour, more vertical and more practical than Nike's "pan-fitness" positioning, which makes lululenmon not only a daily fashion wear, but also a symbol of life tonality.
To a certain extent, Lululemon leggings's excellent performance is not only due to the quiet rise of the women's workout market.

As a workout clothes retail company, it can achieve brand increment under the containment of many sports shoes and clothing retail giants such as Adidas and Nike, and then break through successfully, and it is also inseparable from the marketing model of lululemon.
Ditch traditional marketing
Innovative brand marketing model
In the past 20 years, lululemon has no media department, does not advertise, and does not seek endorsements from celebrities. Instead, it has achieved sales growth and brand equity by creating a closed-loop marketing of KOL, course experience, and vertical retail in the community.
(ps: Qu Moumou, the spokesperson I found before, is also involved in a scandal).
Since its establishment in 1998, lululemon has gotten rid of the traditional way of mass communication, but has innovated its marketing method, infiltrating the brand spirit through various channels such as products, communities, and collective activities, affecting consumers' lifestyles, and delivering happiness and friendship to consumers. , Sports brand spirit.
Extensive use of community yoga experience halls for free course experience, so that potential consumers can feel the brand culture in the experience and interaction.
Cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have held offline theme activities. Consumers in 45 stores across the country, wearing lululemon yoga clothes, started a super sports party with thousands of people sweating.
It has brought huge benefits to lululemon at the beginning of its birth, and has also become an important part of lululemon's brand culture, which is closely related to the brand spirit of the happy friendship movement conveyed by lululemon.

Such an uncharacteristic marketing approach has greatly enhanced the brand image and subtly changed people's way of life.
The second step for lululemon is to "materialize" the community and brand culture by opening an experiential showroom.
Build a community through experiential showrooms and enhance the strong connection between brands and consumers.

It can also reach potential consumers deeply, gain insight into their consumption habits and living habits, and collect consumer feedback to continuously improve products.

With the expansion of the product line, lululemon's free courses have also expanded from yoga to Pilates, SALSA dance and other sports.

On the surface, lululemon does not do much effect advertising, but in fact it conducts a kind of "soft marketing" in the process of operation

In the form of community operation, lululemon decentralizes the operation model and fully empowers each store.

Each store then relies on brand ambassadors to "penetrate human flesh" to surrounding yoga venues and sports and fitness venues.

lululemon partners with well-known yoga and fitness trainers and invites them to endorsements by offering free replacements such as free clothing.

Through the planting of waist KOLs and long-tailed KOCs in these vertical fields, lululemon has grown explosively and accumulated a huge fan base.

After the sports and fitness circles around the store are completely penetrated, the goal of customer expansion and brand penetration can be achieved.

The brand and yoga culture fit perfectly, implanting the idea that everyone who does yoga should have a lululemon in their hearts.

Although soft marketing seems to be working, how does lululemon attract such a large amount of traffic without advertising or seeking celebrity endorsements?
Private Domain + Digitalization
In order to increase consumer loyalty and increase the brand premium, lululemon abandoned the marketing strategy of "creating explosive trends + star spokespersons" commonly used by Nike and Adidas to break the situation.

Instead, it creates a new connection through "offline community + community communication", and through the "Brand Ambassador Program", it is committed to cultivating community fitness influencers and sports experts, building a high-quality KOL team, and using the word-of-mouth influence of professionals consumer.
It is no exaggeration to say that lululemon is the originator of the private domain when it plays with community marketing.

As of the end of 2018, lululemon has more than 1,400 store ambassadors around the world, who have driven a high-quality fan group who love sports and pursue a healthy life.

From white-collar workers and housewives to celebrities and KOLs, lululemon has accumulated a large number of loyal fans, turning its best consumers into promoters, allowing them to participate in product design and provide product feedback.

Through the strong relationship of KOL marketing, we can plant grass on online community platforms such as Xiaohongshu, introduce course activities, and provide guidance on how to wear and match, so that more people can experience lululemon's products and culture, and attract traffic to offline stores. .